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    Building an encrypted calendar is at the top of our to-do list right now as we desperately need a solution to schedule and share calendar entries securely ourselves. However, first, we have to finish the new client to push it our of beta and update the Tutanota Android and iOS apps so that you can use your encrypted mailbox with very good speeds and many more features on all your devices. Once we are done with that, we will build the encrypted calendar.

    Thank you very much for your continuous support.

    Keeman commented  · 

    Will it ever be possible to use an email client like Mac Mail to send tutanota mail? I'm guessing no since there are additional steps for adding password security etc but was hopeful someone could find a way around.

    I hope you guys develop a text messaging app, calendar etc. I want to fully get away from the unlawful eyes for no other reason than because I'm sick of them selling our data for profit.

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