1. Canned Response

  2. Decryption of data

  3. Automatic sync of data  ·  planned

  4. Data retention  ·  completed

  5. Optionally strip formatting from pasted-in data

  6. Encrypted meta-data is needed -our mission is privacy in our digital lifes-encrypted contents of emails is great-- need encrypted meta data  ·  declined

  7. Change server location due to data preservation law in Germany (Vorratsdatenspeicherung)  ·  declined

  8. Have original message & all responses/replies be located in a single place i.e. thread display.  ·  declined

  9. Privacy in emails means encrypted meta data in addition to encrypted content data otherwise privacy not complete

  10. Great service I support and am a premium user --could you encrypt meta data?  ·  declined

  11. Who Would Like To See Features Like - "Auto Reply" and/or "Auto Response'' for Emails and/or Signature ??? Can this be done this year ?

  12. Allow filtering by sender or recipient using queries like "" and "" directly in the search field

  13. I suggest that you have OTHING to do with that sleazebag Mark Zuckerberg and Facebook! They clearly cannot be trusted with user's data!

  14. You might want to improve your time to activate new accounts. Been over 48 hours and still not up and working:

  15. redirect the browser to after the user completes a search  ·  declined

  16. Rules (inside the filter section)

  17. can anyone suggest me that someone encrypted my pc with Id, can someone help me. regards

  18. GDPR  ·  completed

  19. Have a second password

  20. Show how much size has been uploaded during attaching any file

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