How to use Tutanota?

Tutanota is very easy to use. From the start we focused on usability and kept the encryption process in the background. You do not have to install anything or worry about key handling. Tutanota is as easy to use as Gmail or any other webmail service.

You can start right away using Tutanota. If any question remains, check our detailed how-to:

This describes all Settings of Tutanota. It also answers common usability questions like:

How to send an encrypted email?
How to switch to not confidential?
How are contacts sorted?
How to add / rename / delete a folder?
How to upgrade to Premium?
How to set up an alias?
How to send an email from an alias?
How to manage passwords for my Premium users?


  1. Is Tutanota for free?
  2. What does the name "Tutanota" stand for?
  3. How to use Tutanota?
  4. Where does the encryption process take place?
  5. What is encrypted and what can you read?
  6. Can I use Tutanota anonymously?
  7. Where are the Tutanota servers located?
  8. What happens if I lose my password? Can you reset it?
  9. Is Tutanota certified?
  10. Where are my keys generated and how is my private key secured?
  11. Tutanota uses only one password. Do you have access to it?
  12. What hashing function is used for the password?
  13. How do I choose a strong password?
  14. What encryption algorithms does Tutanota use?
  15. Why does Tutanota not use pgp?
  16. Which browsers does Tutanota support?
  17. What browsers can an external recipient use for receiving confidential emails?
  18. Where can I get the Tutanota app?
  19. Is Tutanota open source?
  20. Is my address book within Tutanota encrypted?
  21. How secure are my Tutanota emails?
  22. The development goes on. What comes next?
  23. What is the maximum size for emails and attachments?
  24. Can I retrieve my Tutanota emails via IMAP to another email client?
  25. How are my emails encrypted with Tutanota?
  26. As an external recipient, can I re-access my emails later?
  27. How do I send an encrypted email to another Tutanota user?
  28. How do I send an encrypted email to an external recipient?
  29. How do I set emails to external recipients to unencrypted by default?
  30. Does Tutanota offer an alias?
  31. Do you delete inactive accounts / recycle email addresses?
  32. I have received an abusive email (spam, phishing) from one of your domains. What should I do?
  33. How can I use a custom domain with Tutanota?
  34. How can I configure a custom logo?
  35. Logging: What do you log and for how long are logs kept
  36. Special offers for non-profit organizations
  37. How you can use Tutanota in your organization or company with your own domain?
  38. How can I configure spam detection rules (configuration of spam blacklist and whitelist)?

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