How can I use my custom (own) domain with Tutanota?

If you own one or more domain names that you want to use with Tutanota, you can add these domains to your Tutanota Premium account. Afterwards you can add email aliases and additional user accounts for your family or company with this domain. To add an alias, please click on the user you want to add an alias to. Then you can add up to five aliases.

To use your own domain, a Tutanota Premium account is required. You can upgrade your existing, free Tutanota account by clicking on "Premium" in the top menu. If you don't have a Tutanota account, you can register here:

After upgrading you are the admin of your Tutanota Premium account. An additional input field will appear under 'Settings' -> 'Global settings' -> 'Custom email domain' where you need to enter your domain. Activate it by confirming the activation button.

This activation process is only successful if you have configured your MX and SPF records for your domain correctly. The MX record is necessary to relay emails for your domain to the Tutanota servers. The SPF record marks the Tutanota server as valid sender of emails from your domain. You need to configure the following DNS records in the settings of your domain name provider:

TXT v=spf1 -all

Depending on your domain hoster, it could also look like this:
v=spf1 -all TXT Record

Please note that changes to your DNS records are not immediately available, but can take a few hours to become active. You can check your DNS settings here:

After you have successfully activated your domain, you can add an email alias or create a user under 'Settings' -> 'User management'.

What do I do if activation fails?
Please verify your DNS SOA entry if the activation of your custom domain still fails. We use the SOA entry for detecting your main DNS server. Therefore, the SOA entry must point to a valid name server.


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