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I wonder if there is an option to block everyone I dont know, and only allow selected people to send me messages?

This to keep spam phishing and all other crap away by default. Not in the whitelist, then bouce it. Return to sender, address unknown. (but then with a modern melody perhaps)

I'm asking this because I often notice that companies and even government related institutions share email adresses with others who I don't want to receive email from.

Maybe it's a bit controversial in some cases but it sure would make a difference to me to have such an option.

This is a bit like 'friends' on f***b**k and tw****r. But now only real friends can send messages.

I know this option most likely isn't there, but I like to hear your opinion about it.

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We will not implement a full whitelisting because it is too restrictive. But we will add blacklisting for domains and email address as well as marking email addresses as whitelisted so emails from that recipient are never put into the spam folder, but into the inbox.


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  • jsmith commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Whitelisting is extremely useful is someone is being persistently harassed by spammers extorting them for money. I should be able to input a whitelist and then blacklist everyone. Would be willing to pay well for a privacy focused service that offered a true whitelist feature.

    Too restrictive to who I wonder? There are plenty of use cases where security focused users must have a whitelisted email account. Currently we do this with a pop3 provider and thunderbird.

  • Sus Antigoon commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Thats a pitty to hear.
    So spam that 'probes' is someone has a tutanota account is not considered to be a privacy thread?
    Having a whitelist would make probing far more complicated and thereby increase the level of privacy you can offer. When a spammer sends a bunch of crap and it is received then the spammer already knows a great deal about the tutanota users. HOWEVER, if the spam is bounced, then the privacy is protected. since the spammer then doesn't know anything.

    I understand why it is considered as 'too restrictive' but isn't it about your users privacy??

    Why grand a spammer MORE privileges then the USER that you are trying to protect?

    I only want to receive email from people that I know, and NOT FROM ANY stranger since that stranger is the one that undermines my privacy. IF that stranger really need to contact me, then why not ask that stranger to pay 10 cent, to ask if i please will grand permission to contact me.

    Then it it is a spammer he sure will avoid that. ;-)
    and those 10 cents would be a nice donation for tutanota.

    the 10cent spamkiller?

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