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option to receive a notification to another email account when a new email is received on Tutanota account.

when i receive an email on Tutanota I would like to receive a notification on another email account of my choosing (since I am a Thunderbird user).

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  • Virgilio commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Notification is offered AS AN OPTION by many email systems, including secured option as protonmail and hushmail. It is very useful to those that have another email which is their main one because they've been using it for a long time and don't want to abandon, or it is a work address which they must use, etc. Then one can use TN as a secondary email, which one reads when notified something has arrived. This feature is also useful to encourage OTHERS to sign up to communicate with you, because they don't have the extra burden to keep on checking an email account in case you have sent them something (they just log in when they KNOW something has arrived). People don't like to have to check numerous emails, but if they don't have to log in unless told something has arrived, they may be be OK with it.
    I don't understand the argument that "don’t want to ask for a secondary email address due to privacy reasons". You don't have to ask for anything. It is the USER that configures his account to send the notification. Those who are concerned about this, simply do NOT use this feature. It should be an option.
    Keep in mind that not everyone uses secure email for anonymity. Some of us use our real name. What we don't want is that our emails be intercepted and read by THIRD PARTIES.

  • Tom commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I also have Proton & receive the notification.To me this is not much help,i'd rather have a pop up and/or sound notification.

  • Colin Arnott commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I am having trouble seeing the use case for this. I have tutanota logged in on my desktop/laptop, so I get notifications from that browser, and I have the app installed on my phone so I get notifications there too. The only purpose I can see is if you have an unsupported device [blackberry, ubuntu phone, etc.], and I feel like it would be more useful to ask for a supported app, than a notification system using smtp as a backend. Have I missed some better use case?

    Also, note this could be solved with the implementation of inbox rules, if they are as powerful as those in gmail.

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