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Create a desktop application for OS X, Linux, and Windows

Just signed up and -love- the service and simplicity. Very well done, guys!

I have a strong desire to have the SAME application for e-mail on Windows, OS X and Linux, as well as my iPhone and Android devices. I know that's a lot of platforms to support, but if you were able to leverage some of the code behind GitHub's Atom editor (github.com/atom/atom), you might be able to bring a desktop client out for OS X/Windows/Linux much more quickly by leveraging your existing web app.

All things considered however, this is a great service that I really like. Way to go!

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    J. Austin HugheyJ. Austin Hughey shared this idea  ·   ·  Admin →


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      • TravisTravis commented  · 

        I'd like a desktop system. I wouldn't be interested in an add-on to a Thunderbird type program. Makes little sense, paying for a secure, private email system and then routing it through 3rd party software.

      • znatokznatok commented  · 

        Sorry, but you can't send and receive letters until we approve your account, it will take no more than 48 hours. We do it not to allow violations like spam sending.what shall I do? there have already passed more than 48 hours.

      • PWPW commented  · 

        A lot of people saying that a web browser works just fine. Those people must have a reliable internet connection. I need a desktop app that syncs (send/receive) when a connection is available for a moment.

      • MM commented  · 

        Please don't bother. Will drain your people and add no value.

      • AnonymousAnonymous commented  · 

        Please do not waste your time making a desktop application. The web is the future, it is "the SAME application" on all OSes and devices, and you only have to maintain it one place.

        No one has explained why they want a desktop application. What does it provide that the web app doesn't? I am really curious to know. I suspect it has nothing to do with being a desktop application, but people are just associating "desktop application" with some other feature like being faster.

        Like others have said, if you must create something for the desktop, just make a Thunderbird addon. It works on all OSes and does not require you to reinvent the wheel.

      • GulGul commented  · 

        Don't forget to include CHROME OS please.

      • rhowinrhowin commented  · 

        just to wait...ive starting this

      • Carlos SáinzCarlos Sáinz commented  · 

        I see my proposal has been made several times before, and better argumented than I've done.
        Well, Tutanota, I think this should be the appropriate way, don't you think so? After all it would also be easier for you since writing a full fledged email client like Thunderbird, Kmail & al. is a huge task. Much better to write a simple plugin.

        But I'd also like to second what the user Ana commented the 25 of september 2016 and I hadn't thought about before: Aren't you noticing that all those privacy concerned email providers, that swear that are so worried for the liberties and rights on the Internet are in fact contributing to impede the success and general adoption of encrypted email, for you aren't creating standards but instead, every one of you are incompatible with the rest of the world?
        As Ana said, please, talk among y'all. Call Protonmail, Startmail and other secure email providers and reach agreements in common for creating standards and protocols that make able for a Tutanota user to write an encrypted mail to a Protonmail user and vice versa, wothout needing to do weird things but being able to read those mails normally from our inboxes and reply them with thesame normality. If not, secure email shall be as marginal as it is today and the Internet communications as insecure as they are today.
        If you think should must keep being incompatible because "it's war", let me say that I think you are wrong. The war is not against your tiny competitors, the war is against Gmail, Hotmail, Yahoo, etc. Keep making it mandatory to be a Tutanota (or Startmail, Mailfence, Protonmail, choose whatever you want) user to write/read encypted mails to/from TN (or Startmail, Mailfence, Protonmail...) users without annoyances, and only a minority shall become your customers, because the annoyances are bigger than the benefits for the majority of average users, or at least that's their perception.

      • Carlos SáinzCarlos Sáinz commented  · 

        I'd suggest not to create an app for the desktop but a plugin compatible with multiplattform mail clients like Thunderbird. So you would only have to write and mantain one code, like when writing complement for Firefox, for instance, not almost half a dozen (Windows, Linux, Chrome OS, BSD, Mac...)

      • BobBob commented  · 

        Please update the iOS and Android apps to have share integrated for sending something from another app to an email. Also incorporate this in macOS & windows (share, send to) for a desktop app. The desktop and mobile apps should also allow adding our other IMAP email accounts to we can have one place for all our email accounts. I know many people including my self that would move to the premium account for this. Thanks!

      • Anonymous AnonymousAnonymous Anonymous commented  · 

        Strongly agree! But preserve the encryption even on desktop application.

      • NKNK commented  · 

        "I have a strong desire to have the SAME application for e-mail on Windows, OS X and Linux"

        Yeah, me too, which is why I use the web app. It's the same anywhere you have a web browser. I'd rather Tutanota spend its time adding missing features to its web UI.

      • AlfredAlfred commented  · 

        i think the same like anonymous January 22 2017.
        my favorite is evolution.

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        I agree. I really really need to be able to access my account thru Mac Mail. PLEEEEEZZZ!

      • ChrisAChrisA commented  · 

        Me too, I'd like and OSX version and to see support on all the popular platforms. I'd be happy to pay for this app in addition to any other charges already paid like for Premium membership etc.

      • AlexAlex commented  · 

        So, are you planning to port Android/iOS Apps to Desktop? ..something like mailpile, maybe?

      • Anonymous commented  · 

        This, or as Jose mentioned, a connector (as a plugin, program or whatever) this way we could be able to use thunderbird, evolution, outlook, claws or another MUA.

      • J.B.J.B. commented  · 

        Why isn't it here yet???

      • ChrusChrus commented  · 

        when cloud storage or this comes out, I will join in gladly. and pay for pro.

        I will pay 24$ a year if i can get both. :) 2gb of cloud + cross platform compatibility. (debian/ubuntu support especially.

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