I suggest you ...

1) Stop blocking proxies. 2) do you give our login IP to the gov?

What the h??? 1) I use a proxy to hide from my gov. Yet you block Windscribe (public proxy). Can you stop endangering us?

I had to download a file from a gov website. But I had to make an email to do it. So I tried to make a new tuta email and was told I can only have 1 account. wtf.

How does tuta know I have more than 1 account on the same computer when I use different IPs? I cleared browser cache, reset MAC address, and IP. Yet somehow Tuta saved an ultra cookie to my computer. Im very upset. If you can do this, and you say you respect privacy - then it means other websites/gov can do this.

Then I tried to register on my phone, and I was forced to expose my real IP to you.
But then it said I had to wait 48 hours to get approval. This is insane.

I see your other replies saying you need to stop mass account making. But wtf, youre punishing normal users because of spammers. Blocking all Windscribe proxies is insane.

There are real life/death situtations when we need need to make new accounts while hiding IP - to protect us from the gov/criminals. So stop working against us.

2) Now I dont trust: do you log our IPs during sign in?

My gov lies to get warrants. So being "good" wont help me because my good behavior wont stop the bad gov from being a criminal.

So do you give out our login IP to them if they ask? (This is why I use Windscribe to signup and to login your site. I cant risk my freedom.)

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