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Review the way passwords and accounts are managed

Here the story,

- Created an account to give it a try (I must confess, I just typed random keys)
- Liked it so went premium
- Wanted to change my former password : been asked for the old one which I can't remember (my fault here)

First flow: as an admin I can't reset my own password

- Read this : https://tutanota.uservoice.com/forums/237921-general/suggestions/35606569-while-logged-in
- I'm still connected, so I decided to create an new account and promote it admin (12€ the price of my stupidity)
- Try to connect with the new account => no success.
- Ok maybe I'm just an idiot who can't remember a simple password I entered 30s ago
- So go back to the former account and try to reset the new account...

Second flow : You're not allowed to change other admins passwords
- Ok...
- Unpromote the account
- Reset the password : yeahh it's possible !
- Type a new password carefully (a single letter)
- Promote the account as admin
- Try to login...

No success

So I'm stuck with my two premium accounts and there is nothing I can do about it.
Is it possible to just reset the first accoun. It's ok if loose my datas at this point.

Yet I don't really have trust in your login system.

BONUS POINT: cannot delete an account.

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