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Please add cash as payment option for premium upgrades!

It would be really great to be able to pay for the premium upgrade with cash, sent to you by postal mail or personally payed in your offices in Hanomaghof 2, 30449 Hannover.

The big advantages of cash are:
- anonymous
- decentralized
- cash flow can not be monitored
- very easy to use
- freedom (can not be controlled by a central authority)
- no dependencies (cash can be used by every human without being dependent on other things like internet, electricity, computer/smartphone, bank account, identity card, residence, workplace, residence permit)
- not discriminating
- nobody is excluded from the use of cash

The implementation of cash would need a credit and prepaid system because you can not debit the amount to be paid on a regular basis like it is possible with PayPal. If you have included this system once, it would be easy to extend it to other payment methods, e.g. altcoins like Bitcoin or Monero.

Posteo, another secure e-mail-provider from Germany, has already included a prepaid payment system and accepts cash, bank transfer, PayPal and credit card. Maybe you can inspire your payment system from theirs or cooperate with them to realise it.

Adding cash and altcoins as payment options will have a big effect: I expect that the upgrades to premium will heavily increase because most of the people use Tutanota for its privacy and thus don't want to harm their privacy by non-anonymous paying methods like PayPal or debit card.

With more money you could develop much faster, so integrating cash and altcoins as payment methods should be your highest priority goal!

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  • Clairvaux commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think this would be really, really important to maximize one of Tutanota's unique selling propositions : to my knowledge, it's the only encrypted email provider offering completely anonymous opening of accounts, which is very important for freedom of speech issues and political activists.

    I'm not very knowledgeable in crypto-currencies, and I know they are on the roadmap. However, my understanding is they do not provide real anonymity. Especially when your adversary might be an un-democratic government.

    So even when cryptos will be implemented, going from free to premium would entail a weakening of privacy. Quite a paradox, and quite a hindrance for a portion of potential paying customers.

    Cash payments may seem antiquated in our era, but apparently some privacy-conscious online services do manage to offer them.

  • kk commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I would get premium right now with BTC or XMR, refuse to use paypal or visa.

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