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Feature : Instant / Timed Message Destruction ( I/TMD )


Message destruction timer is already a widely practiced key solution in free E2EE messaging to minimize data breach risk.
( Examples: Protonmail, Telegram, Wire )

- It would be ideal to be able to destroy it after first access ( Instant ), so noone can access the encryped storage / message later, also if the recipient can not access it, that suggests a previous data breach.

The range should look like :
Set destruction time to:
xx Minutes, xx Hours and xx Days
( default: 0 = After first acccess - records acces time and date )

This would be a realistic, practical solution for communicating in insecure channels, like sending a CV to a non-tuta company, or sharing a password instruction ( not exact password, to avoid bot-hacks ) with a non-tuta friend.

This way you can be sure, that even if an entity does not respect your privacy, or gets hacked, your documents and datas are stored temporally and encrypted on the Tutanota server.

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