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Is there currently any reason to use Tutanota over Protonmail?

Both of them are encrypted webmail services hosted outside of the USA. Protonmail, however, has a superior web interface and a nicer mobile app.

As far as I can tell, the promised calendar application is the only way Tutanota differentiates itself. If I have overlooked something, I would be happy to hear where I have gone wrong.

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There are lots of important details in which Tutanota differs from other encrypted email services and that make Tutanota’s level of security one of the best:

  • Tutanota supports auto-login so you do not need to enter your credentials on your home desktop every time you want to access your mails.
  • Tutanota uses a fast and nice design -
    https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/new-mail-client – Our focus is on letting you access your emails quickly – not on presenting you the best-possible design that will slow down your email experience.
  • We encrypt meta data such as subject lines and plan to hide email addresses in the future as well. That is why we have developed a solution that is also based on recognized algorithms (RSA and AES) and that automatically encrypts the subject, the content and the attachments. In the future, we plan to upgrade these algorithms to quantum-resistant ones that also support forward secrecy, which is impossible with pgp/S/MIME. We explain this here in more detail: https://tutanota.com/blog/posts/innovative-encryption/
  • We had an independent security audit done by the SySS GmbH. Our code (client & apps) is published as open source so that third parties can look at it and report issues: https://github.com/tutao/tutanota
  • Last but not least, we focus on making secure mails affordable for everyone. That’s why we have very flexible pricing plans – https://tutanota.com/pricing – that allow everyone to go Premium and support our fight for privacy for only 1€/month. Also you can add as many domains and users (own domain and Tutanota domain) to your Premium account as you need to.


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  • Just a guy commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think both services are nice, both with its own pros and its own cons.
    Also, Both services are under active development, so when choosing between the 2, you should choose whichever ""vision" appeals better to you, because let's be honest, both of them changed drasticaly in the last 1 year only. So I'd suggest stop being *ssholes about any of the services. You are free to go and use GMail (which has a bigger dev team) at the cost of your privacy.

    Coming back to the topic, I like TN more, because of it's fully-body search, has Subject encrypted (bith TN and PM have attachments and body encrypted), gives you more storage and is cheaper.
    Nevertheless, I have a PM account as well and I really like that @pm.me domain. Regarding privacy, I have my LinkedIn and Facebook accounts tied to it, which log the IP, but I don't see any problem in it, considering I have my router connected to VPN, so good luck tracking me down by IP. That's why the set-up environment is important, as with VPN, you pretty much don't care if your IP is logged (you need to have a trustworthy VPN though, but that is a different topic).
    Moreover, in my case Protonmail is actually better on privacy matter because it gives me the ability to pay with bitcoin, and Tutanota only accepts traceable payments.

    Conclusion: Tutanota wins hands down the battle in free accounts domain, but has privacy flaw when considering paid subscription.

  • Mickl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Protonmail has lost my trust. After GDPR they 'informed' users about IP logging (silently with updating their privacy policy): https://www.reddit.com/r/ProtonMail/comments/8sxgy0/ip_logging_privacy_policy_update/

    However, that's how they've always done it while stating on their landing page that they 'do not keep any IP logs' - complete FUD.

    Tutanota's marketing and privacy policy in contrast is coherent.

    FAQ: https://tutanota.uservoice.com/knowledgebase/articles/511572-can-i-use-tutanota-anonymously-do-you-log-ip-addr

    Privacy Policy: https://tutanota.com/terms#privacy

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I think Tutanota has a better interface than Protonmail. It automatically encrypts emails unless you specify otherwise and it allows a recipient to respond to an email from a Tutanota user securely.

  • JK commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I love Tutanota. It has auto-login, which Protonmail has not. With them I had to log in for every bloody session so I eventually gave up. Also, from a technical point of view, there's more.

    1. Tutanota argues the encryption selected is superior:

    Current encryption standards like pgp and S/MIME have several issue that we plan to address with Tutanota. These standards do not support forward secrecy and are not resistant to attacks from quantum computers.

    2. Tutanota encrypt all metadata including subject lines:

    In addition, it is important to us that the subject line in emails is also encrypted. That's why we have developed a solution that is also based on recognized algorithms (RSA and AES) and that automatically encrypts the subject, the content and the attachments. In the future, we plan to upgrade these algorithms to quantum-resistant ones that also support forward secrecy.

    3. Tutanota supports full body search. Protonmail can only search subject lines.

  • Hannes commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    What about a cooperation between those two? I mean, they are both open source, they can cross review each other. As far as I know, both are using PGP for their emails, so making an API where they can somehow query each others public key database would be possible, right?

  • Lynley McWhorter commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I was forced to wipe my devices & lost all data. I didn’t have much mail in Proton, but It was important to me. My password was gone. So, there is no way to get back to your mail. It’s all encrypted. It may be fancy, but it’s limited. Someone could gain access with your password fairly easily, and once inside, it’s all clear as a bell. That’s 2 I can think of. Service is great tho.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I have hard time using tutanota and I almost have given up.
    First, I fail to access my email on i-phone when I am out.
    I have app but when I click on it it shows circle forever.
    Oftentimes I have to reinstall and this takes long time.
    When i was overseas, I literally could not access my email at all!!
    Also when I am writing mail, if I happen to touch some random keys and poof, everything is gone. This happened so many times...then I needed to retype everything...Besides there is no user-friendliness, no search box on inbox, which means, when I want to access the past mail from somebody, I have to go through the inbox forever until I find one. I really hate to open gmail but that is what I finally did. I agree there is no privacy in this world, so just face it.

  • Uisgeachan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey, Anonymous,

    And sometimes others are perceived as so high up that you get jealous and demonize them as taka implicitly did. Read both sides of the exchange.

  • Uisgeachan commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Tutanota has significantly more free storage. Protonmail offers so little that it's impractical unless you pay for it.

  • US commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    It would be foolish to think that privacy does exist and that any entity in any country can stand up to political intervention, be they in Germany or Switzerland. This is a dream. Tutanota and mailbox.org are the ones offering own domain email. Mailbox.org though claims not being able to enforce TLS sending for this service. Anyone can clarify this a bit? and also if Tutanota has the same problem or not? Secure encrypted email is, for now, not for children, so bells and whistles are not required, just a solid and reliable service.

  • Anonymous commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Hey Bob...

    Sometimes when you're too high up you forget your roots, and who you are

  • NK commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    I picked TN because PM doesn't support multiple users receiving mail on a custom domain. PM also doesn't support catch-all email.

  • A Non commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Address book is limited on Protonmail, it only allows for name, surname and email address, nothing else. Its a web only service, so email client, they keep talking about something coming but as usual, nothing yet with them. I cannot answer on Tutanota, only just signed up to test the service, now that sign up issue is resolved. There is no Calendar and they seemingly can inject contacts into your contacts. they injected 4 support contacts into my account when I never had them before.

  • irsoutherngirl commented  ·   ·  Flag as inappropriate

    Signed up with Protonmail a few weeks ago and have had no problems at all. I love Tutanota and Protonmail equally!

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